MGMT111 – Multinational Management

Most successful firms go global in some way; why do they go global, and how do they navigate across international borders? This is the question at the core of multinational management. This course begins with an overview of the global landscape at a macro level, covering different aspects of international trade and trade policy. We then turn to foreign investment and the factors that influence the foreign investment decisions of multinational firm managers. Topics include the returns and costs to trade, tariffs and non-tariff barriers, trade wars, taxation and tax havens, IP, ethics, and the role of diasporas and migration in driving multinational strategy, and ethics.​​ 

MGMT962/963: Multinational Firms in the Global Economy


This is a graduate course focusing on the empirical aspects of multinational firms and international trade. The goal of the course is to familiarize graduate students with empirical work on multinational firms in the global economy, by reviewing the recent as well as older literature on this topic. Econometrics and statistical techniques for doing empirical work in international trade will also be discussed. We will focus on a variety of issues that are related to the multinational firm, beginning with trends in multinational activity, then moving to both horizontal and vertical theories of the multinational firm. Topics over the course of the semester will include patterns in the expansion of multinational firms, horizontal and vertical multinationals; the linkages between openness to trade and investment and growth; trade orientation and firm performance; technology transfer and spillovers; innovation and productivity; immigration; labor markets and multinational firms; and politics